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Setting up WinBidPro

There are 3 common setups for WinBidPro:

  1. Single User Setup: Run it from your own computer with your own data files.
  2. Multi-User Setup with Shared Data: Run it from your own computers, but share data with colleagues over a network.
  3. Multi-User Remote Desktop Setup: Run it on a remote desktop server that users log into (Often managed by a third-party IT company)

Single User Setup#

This is the simplest. Just download the WinBidPro Installer from our downloads page and run the installer. There are no options or UI for the installer; it'll start the program once it's installed. You'll need a GDS Estimating account to sign into the license manager with. Once signed into WinBidPro, you'll automatically received a 30-day trial.

Multi-User Setup with Shared Data#

In this setup, users install the program on each of their own machines, but access their WinBidPro data from a shared network location. Install WinBidPro just the like in the Single User Setup described above, but then move your data to shared drive. Read Sharing Catalogs to learn more about how to do this.

Multi-User Remote Desktop Setup#

In this setup, users all log into a remote or locally networked server such as Windows Server or Citrix. This is an advanced setup that usually requires an IT professional. Read Installing on a Server to learn how to best deploy WinBidPro in a Remote Desktop setup with many users.